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Darrell found this September, 1969 issue of the UAW newsletter 'Hilltoppers' in between the front seat foam & springs of his 1970 Road Runner. If any of you have any other editions of UAW Chrysler related newsletters that you would like to see added here, please hit the 'contact' button in the menu at left!
UAW Local 136 1970 model year Pages
Wanted! August 1969 Issue  
Hilltoppers September 1969 Issue Cover 1 2 3
Wanted! October 1969 Issue  
Wanted! November 1969 Issue  
Wanted! December 1969 Issue  
Wanted! January 1970 Issue  
Wanted! February 1970 Issue  
Wanted! March 1970 Issue  
Wanted! April 1970 Issue  
Wanted! May 1970 Issue  
Wanted! June 1970 Issue  
Wanted! July 1970 Issue  
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