1970 Chrysler Color & Trim Book - Standalone CT Book w/ Fabric Samples

If you sat down to order your new 1970 Chrysler at your local Chrysler dealership, you very likely would have paged through one of these books. They typically show the different paint colors, recommended colors for stripes, interiors and even two-tone tops. There are also actual cloth and vinyl samples for the different interior patterns and swatches for the vinyl top colors and grains as well.

Special thanks to SuperB & Doug Hammer! SuperB let Doug borrow this book so he could scan it for us, thanks guys!


New Yorker
Image: 70_New_Yorker_0001
Image: 70_New_Yorker_0002
Image: 70_New_Yorker_0003
Image: 70_New_Yorker_0004

Image: 70_New_Yorker_0005
Image: 70_New_Yorker_0006
Image: 70_New_Yorker_0007
Image: 70_New_Yorker_0008

Image: 70_300_0001
Image: 70_300_0002
Image: 70_300_0003
Image: 70_300_0004

Image: 70_300_0005
Image: 70_300_0006
Image: 70_300_0007
Image: 70_300_0008

Newport Custom
Image: 70_Newport_Custom_0001
Image: 70_Newport_Custom_0002
Image: 70_Newport_Custom_0003
Image: 70_Newport_Custom_0004

Image: 70_Newport_Custom_0005
Image: 70_Newport_Custom_0006
Image: 70_Newport_Custom_0007
Image: 70_Newport_Custom_0008

Image: 70_Newport_0001
Image: 70_Newport_0002
Image: 70_Newport_0003
Image: 70_Newport_0004

Image: 70_Newport_0005
Image: 70_Newport_0006

Town & Country Wagons
Image: 70_TC_Wagon_0001
Image: 70_TC_Wagon_0002
Image: 70_TC_Wagon_0003
Image: 70_TC_Wagon_0004

Image: 70_Chrysler_Accents_Stripes_tops_0001
Image: 70_Chrysler_Accents_Stripes_tops_0002
Image: 70_Chrysler_Accents_Stripes_tops_0003
Image: 70_Chrysler_Accents_Stripes_tops_0004

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