1972 Chrysler Plymouth Salesman's Pocket Guide
Special thanks to Doug Hammer for contributing these scans.


Image: 72_CPI_Pocket_Cover_1
Front Page
Image: 72_CPI_Pocket_Cover_2
Page Two

Chrysler Major Options and Models
Image: 72_Chrysler_1
Chrysler Major Options (A-P)
Image: 72_Chrysler_2
Chrysler Major Options (P-T)
Image: 72_Chrysler_3
Chrysler Major Options (T-w)
Image: 72_Chrysler_4
Chrysler-Plymouth Packages & Accessory Groups (Code A14, Code A04)

Image: 72_Chrysler_5
Chrysler Light Package (Code A01)
Image: 72_Chrysler_6
Imperial LeBaron 2-Dr, 4-Dr
Image: 72_Chrysler_7
New Yorker Brougham
Image: 72_Chrysler_8
New Yorker

Image: 72_Chrysler_9
Newport Custom
Image: 72_Chrysler_10
Newport Royal
Image: 72_Chrysler_11
Town & Country

Plymouth Major Options
Image: 72_Plymouth_1
Plymouth Major Options (A-P)
Image: 72_Plymouth_2
Plymouth Major Options (R-V)
Image: 72_Plymouth_3
Plymouth Major Options (W-W)

Image: 72_Plymouth_Barracuda_1
Performance Axle Package, Code A36$, Barracuda Accessory Groups and Packages
Image: 72_Plymouth_Barracuda_2
Code A01, A36, A51
Image: 72_Plymouth_Barracuda_3
Barracuda 2Dr. HT Six and V-8
Image: 72_Plymouth_Barracuda_4

Image: 72_Plymouth_Cricket_1
Cricket's Optional Decor Group
Image: 72_Plymouth_Cricket_2
Cricket 4-Dr Sed. 4-Cyl

Image: 72_Plymouth_Fury_1
Fury Accessory Groups & Packages - Gran Sedan/Coupe Top-Hat Pack
Image: 72_Plymouth_Fury_2
Fury III, Custom & Sport Suburbans - Top-Hat Pack
Image: 72_Plymouth_Fury_3
Light Package (A01), E-Z Order Pack (A06), Brougham Package, Code A76
Image: 72_Plymouth_Fury_4
Fury Gran Coupe/Sedan

Image: 72_Plymouth_Fury_5
Fury III - Standard Equipment
Image: 72_Plymouth_Fury_6
Fury II - Standard Equipment
Image: 72_Plymouth_Fury_7
Fury I - Standard Equipment
Image: 72_Plymouth_Fury_8
Fury Wagons - Standard Equipment

Image: 72_Plymouth_Satellite_1
Satellite Accessory Groups and Packages (A07) Custom & Sebring Super-Saver Pack
Image: 72_Plymouth_Satellite_2
Satellite Custom & Regent Wagons (A07, A01, A06)
Image: 72_Plymouth_Satellite_3
Road Runner Decor Group (A87), Brougham Package (A76), Track Pak (A33), Performance Axle Package, (A36$) Barracuda Accessory Groups & Packages (A04)
Image: 72_Plymouth_Satellite_4
Sebring 2-Dr. HT Six and V-8

Image: 72_Plymouth_Satellite_5
Satellite Custom Sedan 4-Dr. Sed. Six and V-8$
Image: 72_Plymouth_Satellite_6
Satellite 2-Dr., 4-Dr., Six and V-8$
Image: 72_Plymouth_Satellite_7
Road Runner 2-Dr. HT $
Image: 72_Plymouth_Satellite_8
Sebring-Plus 2-Dr. HT $

Image: 72_Plymouth_Satellite_9
Satellite Wagons, Regent 2,3 Seat, Custom 2,3 Seat, Satellite 2-Seat

Image: 72_Plymouth_Valiant_Duster_1
Valiant/Duster Accessory Groups and Packages, Valiant Scamp (A07)
Image: 72_Plymouth_Valiant_Duster_2
Valiant 4-Door Sedan (A07, A04, A01, A212, A25)
Image: 72_Plymouth_Valiant_Duster_3
Interior Decor Group (A88), Duster Twister Package (A51)
Image: 72_Plymouth_Valiant_Duster_4
Valiant - 4-Dr. Six and V-8

Image: 72_Plymouth_Valiant_Duster_5
Scamp - 2-Dr. HT Six and V-8 $
Image: 72_Plymouth_Valiant_Duster_6
Duster 340 Six & V-8 $

Competitive Information
Image: 72_Competitive_Info_1
How they slice up the U.S. New-car Market ; Here's what people are buying
Image: 72_Competitive_Info_2
You have a car for every prospect!
Image: 72_Competitive_Info_3
What to look for from competition in '72 (General Motors)
Image: 72_Competitive_Info_4
What to look for from competition in '72 (Ford Motor Company)

Image: 72_Competitive_Info_5
What to look for from competition in '72 (American Motors)

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