Factory Errors (Page 4)
Yes, they did make mistakes!

This photo came from Joe in Surrey, BC. It shows a printer alignment error, notice that all of the printing is almost one full line too low.

Here is a neat one from Leo's Challenger T/A, it shows that the first "D" was installed upside down on his reverse lamp.

Here is another typo on a VIN tag, this one is from Bob Smolka's Superbird, the "E" should be a "3".

Tom F. sent us this error that appears on the original window sticker to his Barracuda. Note the H4X9 codes which are for a bench seat in black vinyl, then note that the description says GREEN.

Here is another odd printing error on line three of the broadcast sheet for Brock's 1970 Charger, it should list the information for his steering column;

Here we have another broadcast sheet printer error sent in by Robert Ayers. It should read "CORRECTED COPY". If this is the corrected version, I would really love to see the original!

Here we have another fender tag error in the VIN number. The FH should read DH for this car. Thanks for the photo Leaburn!

Here is a cool one, note that the EN1 code is one line too low for this car and that it was stamped right over the top of the R22 code.

Dave found this one on a 1969 cop car, note that it should say "SPECIAL MASK SPECIAL ORDER" The tag stamper was apparently a few vowels short when this tag was stamped.

Here is a broadcast sheet printing error sent in by Tomi Autio from Finland. Obviously the W should be a 2.

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