Factory Errors (Page 5)
Yes, they did make mistakes!

Here is a cool one from a 1977 Aspen. This was a two-tag car, notice that the tag stamper neglected to stamp the final "1" in the VIN on the first tag.

Here is a cool one sent in by Doug Hammer. Note that the X is stamped twice & the W is stamped over another character. Someone made a typo & corrected it, very cool to see!

Here is another VIN tag error, note the space beween the R & M.

Here is another printer error sent in by Tommy Hickey.

Two fender tag car, note the missing vin digits.

"P" where a zero should be, another typo. The "P" & the "0" are very close together on a keyboard - Via Scott Smith

Here is a dash VIN typo on Randall C's 1970 Charger. The Mylar door sticker & broadcast sheet show the correct engine code as a U, while the dash tag shows a C for a 225 cid engine that was not even available on the R/T models.

Here is another cool mis-stamp on a 1970 4-speed from the Hamtramck plant. Note that the second to the last digit is the letter 'C' when it should be a number. Photo via Cody Reich.

Here is a cool error sent in by Andy T., it is the engine serial number from an AAR Cuda. Note that the second '1' & '2' were both stamped upside down.

Here we have a pinion for a 8 3/4" rear end. Note that it was mistakenly stamped with a 2.76 ratio & part number, then corrected to 3.23 later. The date code was changed as well! HH Files (June 2016)

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