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January 2018

No items were claimed last month, but...

Paul mailed in a request for a fender tag decode for his 1970 Duster 340. In his letter, he mentioned getting a TA 340 block with it so I checked my registry files for the VIN & the car had been reported before!

Nick at had seen the car at the Spring Fling show in Van Nuys in 2012 & sent a photo of it to me, so I was sure the car was still out there.

I asked about it on a few different forums, but within 4 minutes of posting about the car on , the owner's pal Chris replied! From there it was just a matter of putting the car owner in touch with Paul.

Earl & Paul were able to come to an agreement rather quickly, so courtesy of Sourosh, here is a photo of Earl & Paul with the engine all loaded up for the drive home to be reunited with the AAR Cuda it came from.

Click on Image Below to Enlarge

Photo by Sourosh

While talking with Earl, he had mentioned having owned a few different cars over the years like most of us, so I asked what I always ask - "Did you ever find any broadcast sheets in any of them that did not match the car they were found in?" His reply was "Yes, one, it is for a 1970 440-6 Cuda."

Earl was kind enough to send it in, so here it is, our first 'IOTM' for 2018! The VIN is BS23V0B192282.

As always, proof of legal ownership & proof the car still exists will be required to claim this item.

Special thanks to Nick, Paul, Chris, Earl for the help & to Sourosh for the use of his photo!

It always feels good when a 'match' is made & others are always on the horizon.

Over 90 more VINs for items ready to claim have been loaded up to start out the new year. Hammy New Year & may 2018 treat us all well!

Barry Washington

February 2018

Four more items were claimed last month! What a great way to start the new year. :-)

We also had four items sent in for a 1970 Challenger, the VIN is JH23C0B359781 - Ray sold the car & forgot that he had these two broadcast sheets, the Consumer Information sheet & the original warranty in his safe. He had sold the car & when he found these, he contacted the buyer, but that buyer had sold the car in 2014 & did not keep a record of the new owners name, so all we know is that it went to Missouri. It was a 48,000 mile car in excellent condition when Ray sold it, so chances are quite high that the car still exists!

Photo by Sourosh

As always, proof of legal ownership & proof the car still exists will be required to claim this item.

Thanks for sending these in Ray. I will let you know when they are claimed!

Barry Washington

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