Registration letters postmarked after Dec. 31, 2008 will not get a reply unless a donation is included. Here is why;

  • Four drawer filing cabinets are $205.00 each here. Each drawer of a filing cabinet holds an average of 180 files, so that breaks down to 28 cents per car.
  • A box of 25 file folders is $4.75 here. That translates to 19 cents per car.
  • Most car owners that register are in the US, but some are in Canada and others are overseas. Every car that is registered gets it's own file folder and the owner of the car got a letter in return. Figuring postage for the US, Canada and overseas, it is currently 42 cents to just under $3.00 to mail a return registry letter. Most of you are in the US, so I will estimate a 55 cent average worldwide.
  • Each sheet of paper is about a penny each here.
  • Ink is quite expensive. I go through about $180.00 of ink a month. If 100 folks register a month ( it varies quite a bit ) that comes to $1.80 per car just for the ink used.

So, per car on average, we now have 28 cents + 19 cents + 55 cents + 1 cent + $1.80 = $2.83 per car as an out of pocket expense. Not bad, $2.83 is nothing in the big scheme of things.

Until you realize that (as of 12-31-2008 ) 9844 cars have been registered. Take that number and multiply it by $ 2.83 and you get $27,858.52 ! On top of that, I now have over 6000 original items waiting to be claimed here, they all get their own file as well. Where does most of that money come from? Out of my pocket. I do occasionally get donations, but they barely put a dent in my overall costs of keeping the registries going.

So, from now on I will only reply to your registry letter if;

  1. I have or know of something that matches your car.
  2. If you include a donation to help cover my costs.

Recommended donations based on where you are, due to postage;

  • Inside the US - $2.83
  • From Canada - $3.83
  • From overseas - $5.83

Registrations received without a donation will have the information entered into the database & I will only contact you if & when something surfaces that matches your car.

For anyone that would like to help out, there is a donation button on the main page, or you can click here:

Thank you for taking the time to read this & for your consideration,

Barry Washington

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