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1964 Dodge Fall Announcement Planner

Special thanks to Dan Pausch for sharing these images with us from his personal collection. Also thanks to Doug Hammer for scanning and splicing these oversized images together for us.

The planner was sent to dealerships to encourage them to coordinate local advertising with national advertising to drive spring car sales. Dealers could see where national TV ads would be placed by corporate advertising agencies. Enclosed in the packet were examples of ads that would run in national magazines and as newspaper inserts. The planners are interesting from a historical perspective as they tell us what features and benefits Dodge wanted to promote like the roominess of a compact Dart or styling of the Full size. The ad placement calendar also reminds us what TV shows were on during mid 60's.

Image: 64_Dodge_Ad_planner_1
Image: 64_Dodge_Ad_Planner_Cover_1500
Image: 64_Fall_Dodge_Ad_Planner_2
Image: 64_Dodge_Ad_Planner_Cover_A_1024

Image: 64_Dodge_Ad_Planner_Cover_B_1024
Image: 64_Dodge_Ad_Planner_Cover_C_1024
Image: 64_Dodge_Ad_Planner_Cover_D_1024
Image: 64_Dodge_Ad_Planner_Cover_E_1024

Image: 64_Dodge_Ad_Planner_Cover_F_1024
Image: 64_Dodge_Ad_Planner_Cover_G_1024
Image: 64_Dodge_880_0001
Image: 64_Dodge_880_0002

Image: 64_Dodge_880_0003
Image: 64_Dodge_880_0004
Image: 64_Dodge_880_4a
Image: 64_Dodge_880_0005

Image: 64_Dodge_880_5a
Image: 64_Dodge_880_0006
Image: 64_Dodge_880_6a
Image: 64_Dodge_880_0007

Image: 64_Dodge_880_7a
Image: 64_Dodge_880_0008
Image: 64_Dodge_880_8a
Image: 64_Dodge_880_0009

Image: 64_Dodge_880_9a
Image: A_64_880_1024
Image: B_64_Dart_compact_Families_1024
Image: C_64_Dodge_Ball_1024

Image: D_64_Dodge_Announcement_1024
Image: 64_Dodge_small_A_1024
Image: 64_Dodge_small_B_1024
Image: 64_Dodge_small_C_1024

Image: 64_Dodge_small_D_1024
Image: 64_Dodge_small_E_1024
Image: 64_Dodge_small_F_1024

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