Understanding and using factory TSBs
by Barry Washington

So, what is a TSB? The letters stand for Technical Service Bulletin. Every model year Chrysler issued a new Factory Service Manual, (FSM) but occasionally errors, problems or updates were needed, so Chrysler issued a TSB for each situation as required. The TSBs were shipped to dealerships so that the mechanics and parts guys had the updates. The TSBs have some information on the right hand border so that they could be indexed properly. Note the information in the red box below, we will dissect this information and it will help us use them.

Note the sequence number, this would have been the 43rd TSB issued for the 1969 model year which began August 1st, 1968 and ended July 31, 1969. We are dissecting a Plymouth, Chrysler, Imperial TSB here, Dodge car and truck TSBs would have their own sequence numbers as well, starting at No. 1. (this changed about half way through the 1971 model year)

Note the date, this TSB was issued on Jan. 13, 1969. Note the series of numbers below the date as well, the 69 circled tells us that this TSB is for the 1969 model year. (Some 1969 TSBs were issued in 1968)

Note the second number in this sequence is a 5, this relates to Chapter 5 of the FSM - Brakes.

The third number in this sequence is a 3, so this is the 3rd revision to Chapter 5 for the 1969 model year.

OK, that was easy, but what if a TSB needed a revision? Simple, they used the number from the original TSB and added letters starting with "A" to note that the original TSB had been updated. If this one needed a second revision later, it would read 1B.

Now that we have that figured out, you can click the link below to return to the main library menu grid to see the TSB indexes for all the TSBs that we have scanned and made available to use so far.

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