1976 Pocket Secretary & Technical Data Book
(Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, Dodge Trucks)

The Pocket Secretary and Technical data book was a pocket sized book designed to help salesmen stay organized and up to date on current models. In addition to standard administrative things like a yearly calendar and a section for names and phone numbers, the book contains a breakdown of standard and optional equipment for cars, paint codes, capacities and other data. There are sections on how to decode VINs and fender tags for both cars and trucks. Other sections include technical data like capacities and engine specifications. As a further reference, the book contains contact information for Mopar Zone offices and training centers as well as common engineering data and formulas. Below are excepts covering the 1976 model year cars and trucks. Thanks to Stan Paralikis for providing the book and Doug Hammer for scanning it.

Image: 76_Pocket_Secretary_0001_400
Image: 76_Pocket_Secretary_0002_1125
Warranty - Passenger Cars and Truck
Image: 76_Pocket_Secretary_0003_400
Zone Offices - Directory
Image: 76_Pocket_Secretary_0004_400
Training Center Locations and Regional Responsibility

Image: 76_Pocket_Secretary_0005_1125
Paint Charts - Passenger Car & Truck
Image: 76_Pocket_Secretary_0006_1125
Vehicle Identification - Passenger Car
Image: 76_Pocket_Secretary_0007_1125
Body Code - Passenger Car
Image: 76_Pocket_Secretary_0008_1125
Vehicle Identification Colt, Sport Utilities and Wagons

Image: 76_Pocket_Secretary_0009_1125
Equipment Identification - Sports Utilities and Wagons ; Vehicle Identification - Dodge Truck and RV Vehicles
Image: 76_Pocket_Secretary_0010_1125
Vehicle Identification Plate
Image: 76_Pocket_Secretary_0011_1125
1976 Engine Availability Passenger Car
Image: 76_Pocket_Secretary_0012_1125
1976 Engine Availability Passenger Car (continued)

Image: 76_Pocket_Secretary_0013_1125
1976 Standard Chassis Equipment - Passenger Car
Image: 76_Pocket_Secretary_0014_1125
1976 Standard Chassis Equipment - Passenger Car (continued)

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