Factory Errors (Page 6)
Yes, they did make mistakes!

Here we have a secondary fender tag from a police car, it should say 'PREP LINE', but instead it refers to a type of tree. From the HH files.

This image was taken by Grant Piche of the partial VINs on a T/A block he has. Yes VINs, plural! It appears as is the stamper first stamped too low & then it was noticed & corrected. Note that the overall partial VIN is the same, but the fonts are different! For some reason, a different stamp holder with a different font set was used to make sure the whole number was readable. You may have also noticed that the VIN pad was not milled as it should have been, the miller missed that step too! Thanks Grant!

Tom Ellis sent in this photo from a block he has, it is a case of multiple VIN stamps on the block, all with the same font this time. Thanks Tom!

Here is a 1970 model year 4-speed from a Lynch Road B-body. Notice that the partial VIN of 0A 106025 was apparently stamped over the top of 0A 111624. One possible scenario is that the person with the stamp set forgot to reset the number dials after stamping the transmission for the previous car on the assembly line, yet it seems to have been noticed & corrected for the actual car it was intended for.

Here is another block mis-stamp on a 1971 440 via Terry McCann. The third digit is missing completely, but based on this block's date, it was most likely a '1'.

Here we have a factory mis-stamped fender tag on John's 1970 Cuda. Whoever stamped this one added an extra 1 to M21.

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